3 tips to look your virtual best

by | Apr 5, 2021 | Beauty tips, Fashion | 0 comments

It is hard to believe we are almost two years into our new normal. Many of us have had to create a somewhat civilized work office amongst the madness of our homes. The saying “business on top, party on the bottom” has never felt more relatable during a zoom call.

Here are 3 tips to simplify your new home office attire:

1. L’Oréal Signature Faces filters
Yes, you heard it right. L’Oréal has come to the morning rescue with some funky face filters to give you a little extra pizzazz during your zoom calls. Check them out here

2. Pro Makeup Tips
There are a few nifty tricks you can turn to that will
instantly liven up your AM face. Here are our top

  • Sugarpop Glow Screen: this product is said to give you a natural glow, even out your complexion AND protect your skin from any harmful UV rays. Win-win! Around 35 EUR
  • Lumify Eyedrops: this simple trick will simultaneously moisturize your eyes, whilst
    removing any redness. Quarantine-fatigue what? Around 10 EUR
  • Maybelline Cheek Heat Gel: HD video calls have a tendency of washing out your skin colour, so a simple dab of blush on your cheeks and lips will instantly give you that “out of the house” complexion.  Around 10 EUR

3. The chicest button-ups for your zoom calls:    Keep those jammies on the bottom but change your top for one of these chic shirts with minimal effort.

  • STATE Smocked Detail Blouse. Around 80 EUR
  • H&M Knot Blouse. Around 20 EUR
  • Kate Spade Flower Blouse. Around 70 EUR


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